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Propertech Real Estate - Vision:

Propertech Real Estate makes tremendous efforts and invests many resources to stay at the forefront of the real estate industry at all times, to comply with legal requirements and to maintain high business ethics.

Propertech Real Estate is committed to professionalism and quality, to placing the costumer first and to constant improvement in customer service. We give our customers a unique experience in the real estate market using advanced technology, focusing on the needs of our customers and developing with them an open, reliable and loyal relationship based on listening and caring.

Propertech Real Estate sees its employees and agents as the main pillar supporting its success. We are a company to which our members are proud to belong. A company that encourages teamwork, creativity, initiative, and a passion for excellence. A company that relates warmly to its workers, offers personal development and the possibility of promotion, and creates personal satisfaction and pleasure for its employees. Our innovation and renewal is based on the recognition that the good of the client always coincides with our own best interests.

Propertech Real Estate and its employees are committed to being involved in the community and serving its needs.

Propertech's core values:

The cornerstone of all our activities is our adherence to business ethics and our maintaining very high moral standards. We are committed to honesty, fairness, openness and transparency in our dealings with our customers, our partners and our agents.

Our professional strength lies in excelling in everything we do. We therefore maintain uncompromising, maximum quality in all our areas of activity, constantly renewing our professional areas using advanced and creative solutions.

In our every action we strive to provide the highest possible value for our clients.

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